Our story

I created ILL REP having no idea where to start. I wanted a brand that people would remember so I did research and opened my first online store and that was a disappointment but a learning experience. I didn't give up and I started over. I really wanted to prove that putting in the work pays off and it sure does. It took me 2 years of research and failing multiple times to get me where I'm at now. I never gave up and now my products are selling at my local skate shop and that is very inspiring to me and I hope that inspires others to not give up on their dreams. I chose skateboarding because I enjoy the sport and skateboarding is just cool. I always order the products before hand before I publish them to the site. I test the print and go with the best quality. I test wash the products to make sure the print doesn't peal off and if the print quality isn't excellent I don't bother with that product. Every day I'm working on my store and doing research and I do believe if you put in the hard work and time that it'll pay off and if I can do it anyone can!