Where did ILL REP come from? QnA

Where did ILL REP come from? QnA
Where are your Products made and manufactured??

I use printful and I try to go for the best quality products I can find.
I order samples for myself and figure out if the printing is good or not and if the fit is true to size...

Of the print quality doesn't satisfy me or the sizes don't match up I don't use those products in my online skate store...
with all the samples I end up giving them out as free give aways to skaters who can do tricks for them...

How long have you been doing this??

I've been doing this for a couple years now on and off...

when I first started off I wanted a brand for people who worked out...
but I didn't like that style so much because I wanted to show off more designs and have more of a selection to choose from
so I took a break for a bit and thought about what kind of people would be interested in that type of clothing and skateboarders came to mind since there's a new park being built right now. The next thing I did was make a logo and improved my online store.

How did you start ILL REP??

I was living in Tache B.C. with my uncle and aunt, which isn't that big of a place...
and there's not much to do there..,
so I decided that I would invest my time in making the best online store possible 'cause why not try to show people that if you put in the work that the results can pay off for anybody who doesn't give up....

Why the Name ILL REP??

The name "ILL REP" was originally called ILL REPUTE meaning a cool reputation which I thought was a good name for my online skate shop at the time. I shortened it to ILL REP because I decided that I didn't want to go forward with the working out theme and that ILL REP is its own unique name for my current skate apparel store.

How many sales have you had??

Most of my sales have been through family and friends so far. I had one guy message me about customizing a hoodie which I don't normally do because I can't test out the quality of the print beforehand so I told him that the printing might not turn out as expected, but I gave him a free hoodie sample with my logo on it since I have already tested it out and it was good. And I didn't want him to think that I am a scam.

How much money have you invested??

I have without a doubt invested over 1 grand in testing out my online skate shop on clothing and products. Some samples have gone to skateboarders who were able to do tricks for a skate hoodie. I have also invested money into my website to upgrade it so that it can be more convenient for my skater customers visiting it. I have also put in a fair chunk of money towards advertising which brings potential customers in although I still need more practice in this field since I don't acquire the right set of skills. My next goal is to learn more about search engine optimization which is basically the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic. This will be my next investment.

How many visitors Visit your online skate shop??

I get an average of 50 visitors per day but when I don't pay for advertising I get an average of 10 to 15 visitors a day which is nice because it shows me that my online skate apparel store is slowly getting recognition and that I'm not putting all this time and money in it for nothing.

How much have you made in sales??

It's kind of hard making sales when your skate store isn't that well known, but I'm slowly getting it out there through my family and friends. It's nice to know that I have people supporting me through this long yet exciting experience. I talked with the manager of the local skate shop Freestyle about my products and after seeing a few of the samples he was really impressed with the high quality. I will be selling some of my products there and that makes me pretty excited because my clothing store has come a long way to where it is today and that makes me feel good because it shows that the work that I have put in is starting to pay off. I'm looking forward to see my skate brand expand.

What motivates you to keep going??

I want the best possible life for my family. My girlfriend gave birth to our son 5 months ago and I really want to be there with them creating memories we will never forget instead of a 9 to 5 job, so when I am feeling unmotivated and think all the work that I put into my skate apparel store is for nothing, that's what keeps me going.